Online Payments ~ Made Easy

Manage your events, memberships, payments ... online in one place

How It Works For Clubs and Organisations

Sign up, get your administrator login, and start running events, collecting entries, membership and payments in no time.

Quick and Easy Sign Up

Organisations can sign up and get going in a few short steps. To start the sign up process go to Signing Up now.

Automated Payments

Card Payments automatically deposited into your Organisations Bank Account.

Online Refunds

Need to refund a payment, don't worry its easy to do with a couple of clicks.

Accounting Made Easy

For committee members and treasurers, all payments and bank transfers are tracked and available on line or downloadable to Excel for offline processing.

Online Help, Tutorials, Videos

Not sure how to do something in the system, don't worry, we have a comprehensive help system with detailed 'how to' descriptions and online videos.

Event Management

Take the hassle out of collecting applications and payments for your events.

Manage Membership

Manage new and renewing membership applications and payments, Members data stored securely in your own centralised organisation membership database.

Flexible Configuration

Design your own application forms, membership types, events and activities in one place with our easy to use Administrative console.

Sign Up Your Organisation

To try the system for your Organisation for free or to request additional information, simply fill out the form below, click submit and we should be back to you quickly. Note: this is to sign up new organisations, if your organisation is already signed up then you don't need to sign up individually, just go to your organisations online ItsPlainSailing page, or if you don't know its web address then click Find to search for it.

Two Aspects to Costs

We Use Stripe To Process All Card Payments

1.4% + 20p
for European cards
2.9% + 20p
for non-European cards

Stripe charge a percentage-based fee on each credit or debit card payment. The price is the same for all major cards. This charge is usually paid by the person making the credit/ debit card payment when they check out, however you can configure this per event.

Service Fee

The service is free for organisations to use without card payments active. With this free option you can take entries for events, membership renewals, manage your memberships and so forth, however payments are not processed on line but instead must be collected separately, offline, for example by cheque / direct bank transfer to your organisations bank account.

£9.50 per Month Or 45p per Application

We charge a service fee of £9.50 per Month if you decide to activate your account for credit / debit card payments. This is not mandatory and you can continue to use the service for free indefinitely without activating for card payments. If your organisation doesn't want to pay the £9.50 per Month service fee then we offer an alternative payment where we add an extra 45p onto the card handling charges for each entry/ membership/ booking / merchandise application.


We make every effort to ensure that the service works correctly without faults, this cannot be guaranteed at all times. If you do encounter any problems or would just like to provide some feedback then please feel free to contact us at:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries about our service or would just like to learn more, please feel free to contact us at the email below.

Find Your Organisations Online Page

Football, Camogie, Swimming, Pony Club, Pentathlon, Triathalon, Schools ... if your club / organisation is using ItsPlainSailing and you can't remember the web address for their online page then start typing their name in the box below and then click their name if it is listed to bring you directly to their online page.