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Name Description Status Clink Link Below to Submit Application
eventsMembership Renewal 2017 for 1st childThis is for first child in the family to renew membershipOpenMembership Renewal 2017 for 1st child
Menbership renewal for 2nd and 3rd child and so onThis is for any other children in the family that wishes to join the fee will be reduced to 75 euroOpenMenbership renewal for 2nd and 3rd child and so on
New Membership for 2017 1st childThis is for new members to join 1st child 90 euro please use another application if you are joining a 2nd or 3rd childOpenNew Membership for 2017 1st child
New membership for 2017 for 2nd and 3rd child so onThis is a for new members to join all other children other than there first child at a reduced cost of €75OpenNew membership for 2017 for 2nd and 3rd child so on
eventsDressage Lessons 4 weeks with Gemma Farrer start Mar 24th (Fri 31st Mar, 2017)Four dressage lessons 3 in a group starting 24th march
Applications Closing: Fri 31st Mar, 2017 at 00:00:00
dressage lessons 5pm (3 places left)
DRESSGE LESSONS 6PM (1 place left)
C test (Fri 31st Mar, 2017)C test Grove
Applications Closing: Fri 31st Mar, 2017 at 00:00:00
C test (6 places left)
Club soft shell jackets (Thu 6th Apr, 2017)Tipp Pony Club Navy soft shell jacket with club crest embroidered. Size Children's Medium - Age 7-8 €30, Size Children's Large - Age 9 - 11 €30 Size Children's XL - Age 12-13 €30 Size Children's 2XL - Age 13-14. €37 Size Adults Small €40 Size Adults Medium €40 Please note children's clothing over age 12 and all adult size has VAT added.
Applications Closing: Thu 6th Apr, 2017 at 00:00:00
Club soft shell jackets Large Age 9 -11
Club soft shell jackets 2XL Age 13-14
Club soft shell jacket Medium Age 7-8
Club soft shell jackets XL Age 12-13
Club soft shell jackets medium adult
Club soft shell jackets Small Adult
SJ lessons in Tipperary Equestrian Thurles with Thomas Ryan (Wed 19th Apr, 2017)Show jumping lessons for over 12's 4 weeks starting wed 19th, 26th April and 3rd and 10th may 80cms under 12
Applications Closing: Sun 16th Apr, 2017 at 20:00:00
sj lessons 7pm 90cm (2 places left)
show jumping lessons 90cm to 1m 8pm (3 places left)
sj lessons 6pm 80cm (5 places left)
Hunter Trial Championships 2017 (Group Event) (Sat 22nd Apr, 2017) - Tipperary Hunt Pony Club members onlyEntry Forms for National Hunter Trial Championships 2016 - Junior Pairs, Junior Singles, Novice Intermediate Pairs, Novice Intermediate Singles, Teams of Three, Senior Pairs, Senior Singles, and Hunting Horn Competition - in that order. Please note late start for the Teams and and Seniors.. Note: Only for use by Tipperary Hunt Pony Club members. To enter this National Event please go to your own club/ branch and enter directly with them..
Applications Closing: Fri 14th Apr, 2017 at 09:05:00
(Important: Do not use the link below if you are not a member of Tipperary Hunt Pony Club, for this event you must enter directly with your own club/ branch)

1 Junior Pairs Hunter Trial Championship
2 Junior Singles Hunter Trials
3 Novice Intermediate Pairs
4 Novice intermediate Singles
6 Senior Pairs Hunter Trial Championship
7 Senior Single Hunter Trials
5 Teams of Three Hunter Trial Championships
8 Hunting Horn Competition
C+ / B test (Fri 30th Jun, 2017)Please fill in application if you are interested in doing the C + or B test in 2017
Applications Closing: Sun 28th May, 2017 at 14:00:00
C+ /B test
Camp (Tue 4th Jul, 2017)Held in Powerstown Race Course from Tues 4th July to Sat 8th July
Applications Open: Thu 30th Mar, 2017 and then close: Thu 15th Jun, 2017 at 18:00:00
Not Open Yet.
Club swim Hats (Mon 31st Jul, 2017)Tipperary Hunt Pony Club Swim Hat - Navy hat, yellow spots. One Size. €7.
Applications Closing: Mon 31st Jul, 2017 at 00:00:00
Swim hats (40 items left)
Cross country tops (Sun 31st Dec, 2017)Cross country tops
Applications Closing: Sun 24th Dec, 2017 at 00:00:00
Kids size 28
kids size 30
size 32
Adults small
adults medium
Adults large
Adults xl