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The table below lists all open events and memberships for the Calliaghstown Pony Club. Click the link in the column on the right to submit your application. Alternatively to go directly to the checkout page click on the Check Out link above on the top right.

Name Description Status Clink Below to Submit Application
eventsNew Member 2019 - First Child only.A person who is not a current or past member of the Irish Pony ClubOpenNew Member 2019 - First Child only.
New Member 2019 - Sibling (i.e. second or subsequent child)Siblings who are joining for the first time as new membersOpenNew Member 2019 - Sibling (i.e. second or subsequent child)
Renewal membership 2019 - first child onlyA person who has been a member of Calliaghstown Branch of the IPC last year/beforeOpenRenewal membership 2019 - first child only
Renewal Membership 2019 - Sibling (i.e. second or subsequent child)Sibling membership applies to other members of a members immediate family who wish to re-join after the initial member has re-joined Calliaghstown Branch.OpenRenewal Membership 2019 - Sibling (i.e. second or subsequent child)
eventsClub Kit Order Form (Mon 31st Dec, 2018)Order form for ordering kit items for Calliaghstown Branch
Applications Closing: Mon 31st Dec, 2018 at 00:00:00
BOOK - IPC Manual of Horsemanship 14th Ed
BOOK - Keeping a Pony at Grass
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