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eventsHunter Trial Championships 2017 (Group Event) (Sat 22nd Apr, 2017) - Area 5 - Irish Pony Club members onlyEntry Forms for National Hunter Trial Championships 2016 - Junior Pairs, Junior Singles, Novice Intermediate Pairs, Novice Intermediate Singles, Teams of Three, Senior Pairs, Senior Singles, and Hunting Horn Competition - in that order. Please note late start for the Teams and and Seniors.. Note: Only for use by Area 5 - Irish Pony Club members. To enter this National Event please go to your own club/ branch and enter directly with them..
Applications Closing: Fri 14th Apr, 2017 at 09:05:00
(Important: Do not use the link below if you are not a member of Area 5 - Irish Pony Club, for this event you must enter directly with your own club/ branch)

1 Junior Pairs Hunter Trial Championship
2 Junior Singles Hunter Trials
3 Novice Intermediate Pairs
4 Novice intermediate Singles
6 Senior Pairs Hunter Trial Championship
7 Senior Single Hunter Trials
5 Teams of Three Hunter Trial Championships
8 Hunting Horn Competition